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Wood as fuel

Only wood logs and briquettes are recommended and approved as fuel for Color Emajl stoves. We have a few recommendations on how to select the best wood for your stove and get the cleanest burning with the highest efficiency. 
Different types of wood have different burning properties, and it is best to select those which burn the cleanest and have the highest heat value. Other types of wood are, of course, also appropriate to use.

When selecting firewood, make sure it’s dry enough: the logs should not contain more than 20% water content. The recommended moisture content is even less than 20%, in order to achieve even better energy efficiency.

If logs contain too much moisture, or if freshly chopped wood is used, this reduces the efficiency of the stove, makes the viewing window black, while both the chimney and the stove must be cleaned and maintained more frequently.

Wood logs are stored for 12 to 18 months, in order to dry sufficiently for burning, and so they can be used in stoves.

No other material can be burnt in Color Emajl stoves. It is strictly forbidden to use the following:
  • fresh wood
  • recuperated wood
  • hard coal for longer combustion duration
  • coke
  • coal
  • plastic
  • clothes
  • household waste