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Flexible flue pipe programme

Flexible flue pipe programme
Old and neglected chimneys are a big problem, and pose a danger to human health and increase the risk of fire if they continue to be used without being properly repaired. When structural damage occurs on the chimney that interferes with its normal operation, it is necessary to repair the chimney.
Damage to the chimney can occur due to its non-maintenance, wear and tear, improper use or due to external influences.
Yor old chimney is not pulling well or needs to be replaced due to extensive use? Our flexible insert is a convenient and simple solution for repairing an old chimney.

The flue is suitable for repairing the existing chimney as it is installed as an insert in the chimney. This will allow chimney to achieve optimal performance or enable you to connect multiple furnaces to one chimney by placing multiple inserts.

It achieves thermal resistance of 600 °C.

It is also suitable for air supply or exhaust ventilation systems.