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Painted flue pipe programme - Steel sheet 2.00 mm

Painted flue pipe programme - Steel sheet 2.00 mm
The products are intended for indoor installation in the room, for the purpose of removing smoke and combustion products from the furnace to the chimney, where, in addition to the furnace, they contribute to the heating of the space.

Flue diameters: DN120-DN200 mm.
Temperature resistance: 400 - 600°C.
Steel painted flue elements are made of quality sheet metal with a thickness of 0.60, 1.20 and 2.00 mm. Thanks to the quality paint that is applied to the surface of the sheet metal, the final product enables a longer service life and easier and simpler maintenance.

Fuel type: For solid fuel stoves (wood, coal).

Pressure level: N1- for negative chimney pressure (natural vacuum)

Corrosion resistance: Vm- outer surface heat-resistant painted black or gray

Resistance to soot combustion: G-resistant to soot ignition

Installation: The flue elements have a narrowing at one end in the length of 50 mm so that they can be assembled together.

The direction of installation (1 or 2) depends on the legal regulations of each country.

Condensate resistance: They are suitable for dry operation (D), ie they are not resistant to condensate penetration.

In order to control the formation of condensate in the flue, it is recommended to avoid:
- damped combustion in the furnace
- moist combustible medium (wood)
- uninsulated passage of the flue through another (cold) room

If conditions that prevent condensation do not apply, it is recommended to install a flue with a condensing ring (condensate guide in the furnace) or to install the narrowed end of the flue facing downwards (smoke direction 2, if permitted by state regulations).

Distance from flammable building materials: defined in the Declaration of Performance