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Flue pipe programme - COLTHERM

Flue pipe programme - COLTHERM
COLTHERM flue elements are intended for the internal installation of a fireplace or stove connection to a chimney. They are suitable for installation in the immediate vicinity of flammable building materials (eg wood paneling) at a distance of ≥ 100 mm. They are characterized by the low weight of the installed materials, which greatly facilitates the application. Due to the insulation layer, they do not radiate heat nor are they subject to condensation.
Connection diameter: DN 150 mm (outer liner diameter 215 mm).
Fuel type: For solid fuel stoves (wood, coal)

Pressure level: N1- for negative chimney pressure (natural vacuum)

Corrosion resistance: Vm - inner surface made of stainless steel sheet 0.6 mm thick, and the outer surface is heat-resistant decoratively painted black or gray

Resistance to soot burning: G-resistant to soot ignition

Installation: The flue elements have a taper at one end in a length of 50 mm so that they can be assembled together.