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Three-layer INOX chimneys

Three-layer INOX chimneys
You don't have a chimney or the place where your chimney is installed doesn't suit you? Our outside INOX (stainless steel) chimneys are a quick and easy solution for your problem. Intended for exterior installation due to its anti-corrosive properties and increased resistance to the occurrence of condensation. It is assembled in segments to the allowed height of 30 meters, and is secured with brackets spread at every 4 meters. Has a thermal resistance of 600°C.
The three-layer INOX chimney pipe consists of 3 elements. It has an interior and exterior wall made of inox (stainless steel) sheet metal and insulation material in the form of an especially hard pressed rock wool, located between two sheet metal walls. Inox steels are made by alloying steel, most often with chrome and nickel, and are, due to their anti-corrosive properties, used widely in the industry.

The foundation of this product is a high-quality stainless steel sheet of a thickness of 0.6 mm. After being sheared, the sheet metal is bent with automated rollers. The welding is done with lasers, enabling high precision, high-quality welds and a small heat affected zone.

In accordance with the market demands, the company Color emajl d.o.o. manufactures three-layer INOX chimney in various shapes and dimensions. Such INOX chimneys stand out from other chimneys since premium stainless steel sheets and rock wool insulation are used during their manufacturing process. It is rock wool that prevents condensation, which can occur due to differences in temperatures inside and outside the chimney. Furthermore, both interior and exterior walls are not connected, that is, are not directly joined, so there is no transfer of heat from the interior to the exterior wall, which also contributes to the prevention of condensation.

The three-layer INOX chimney is intended for expelling flue gases produced when burning gas, fuel oil, wood, wood pellets and coal during a negative-pressure operation with an open combustion chamber.