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How to build a fire

Starting a fire can be hard work when you attempt it for the first time. However, we are here to give you advice and make it easier. We are sure you will find it an easy task after reading the instructions.
Step One
Gather everything necessary to build a fire:
  • several larger logs (dry)
  • lightwood (kindling)
  • paraffin fire starters or paper
  • lighter or matches

Step Two
Open fully the primary and secondary air intake valve. Place the kindling on the bottom of the firebox, that is, on the grate.

Step Three
Add several larger logs. 

Step Four
Take the paraffin fire starters or paper, light them and place in the stove as close as possible to the grate (on the lightwood).  

Step Five
Close the stove door but not fully until the fire grows larger, closing it tightly only after that.

Step Six
When the fire is burning brightly and after you have closed the stove door, you can regulate the fire with the primary and secondary air intake valves.


When the logs in the stove burn down, and only embers remain, you must add more wood fuel. When adding logs, don’t open the door abruptly, as smoke from the stove will enter the room. The door must during the first few seconds be opened slowly and only then fully. Add the logs and close the door. If the logs don't start burning after a few seconds, open the primary air intake valve. Once the fire starts burning, close the primary valve, and regulate the fire with the secondary valve.