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Flue pipe programme - IZOKER

Flue pipe programme - IZOKER
The best permanent solution for installations near flammable materials. The flue pipe is thermally insulated and suitable for interior installation as a solution for the prevention of condensation. It has a thermal resistance of 600°C and can be installed at a distance of 240 mm from flammable materials.
Connection diameter: DN 150 mm (outer liner diameter 175 mm).
Fuel type: For solid fuel stoves (wood, coal)

Pressure level: N1- for negative chimney pressure (natural vacuum)

Corrosion resistance: Vm- outer surface heat-resistant painted black or gray

Resistance to soot burning: G-resistant to soot ignition

Installation: The flue elements have a narrowing at one end in the length of 50 mm so that they can be assembled together.