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Technology and quality


Flue pipes, ie rigid or flexible metal couplings and system chimneys, are manufactured in accordance with the corresponding harmonized standards EN 1856-1: 2009, EN 1856-2: 2009 and EN 14989-2: 2007.
The process of making the product is under the supervision of authorized certification bodies, which the company Color Emajl d.o.o. allows its products to be marked with the "CE" mark, which confirms that the product meets the essential requirements for consumer safety, health or environmental protection, in accordance with EU regulations.



The success of Color Emajl is based on manufacturing premium products with a modern design, on fast delivery and high-quality cooperation with customers and suppliers.

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers, and we work daily on building good and long-term relationships with them, on account of constant high quality of our products.

The Color Emajl company applies to its operations the management and quality system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and the following principles:
  • The company's management has a leading role in the development of the quality management system.
  • Responsibilities and competences of all employees are clearly established.
  • We encourage and implement active training, workshops and continued education for obtaining and maintaining necessary skills and knowledge, in all departments.
  • We implement continued tracking, educating, analyzing and reporting as a foundation for improving all types of manufacturing processes.

All employees are acquainted with the strategic goals of Color Emajl, and work together in order to accomplish corporate goals and meet the requirements of the quality management system.

Modern manufacturing technologies and well-organized manufacturing processes are recognized and approved by the ISO-9001 certificate.

Color Emajl has achieved success at the European market thanks to dedicated employees but also continued investment into new technologies and the education of its staff. In the future, we plan new investments which will additionally improve our production and enhance our competitiveness.


RRFAll our stoves were accredited by the renowned German certification body RRF. RRF is a European notified testing laboratory for solid and liquid fuel-burning fire and cooking stoves. In order to get even better results from our stoves, and so we could make all the necessary corrections in order to achieve the desired results, before sending them for certification, the company has invested a lot in 2017 into its own testing station which will provide in the future an even more precise manufacture of stoves.


Dovod svježeg zraka u kamineAll stoves need fresh air intake in order to function properly. A stove that doesn't bring the fresh air from the outside will draw it from the room where it is located. On the other hand, the stove with fresh air intake will save energy from inside the house by not using the warm air from the space where the stove is located.

Besides with quality and design, our stoves, in comparison to the competition, also stand out with the special element of their construction – the opening for fresh air intake. The Color Emajl stoves are one of the rare stoves in the market that have an opening for fresh air intake, which makes them perfect for installing in low-energy residential buildings, i.e., passive houses.


Energetski razredAll our stoves are in the top energy class A or A+, which proves the quality of their construction and manufacture and makes them one of the most energy-efficient stoves.


Briga za okoliš
Color Emajl contributes to environmental conservation with a significantly lower value of C02 emissions than allowed.

The only allowed fuel for our stoves is wood, which creates heat in the most natural and healthiest way for the environment and humans.