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Stove iG5i

Steel type:
  • Black steel
  • Grey steel
ENERGY CLASS:Energetski razred kamina
The IG5i model is an inset stove. It comes in grey or black-painted steel, with a glass door.
If you would prefer this stove with a grey or black-painted steel door for your interior, you are looking for the IS5i model. As you may have already noticed, the designations in the model's names indicate what kind of stove doors they have. The model with a glass door is called IG5i, where the letter G stands for “glass“. The model with a steel door is called IS5i, where the letter S stands for “steel”. The number 5 indicates its power of 5 KW.

Now that we have clarified how these two prestigious models have received their name, we find it important to also note that they come with an opening for fresh air intake, and that, if the stoves are installed at the outer/exterior wall of a house or a flat, they can easily be connected with a pipe and thus bring the outside air into the firebox. This is why our inset stoves are also ideal for passive houses.
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  • Characteristics
  • Dimensions
Nominal heating power: 5,0 kW
Spatial heating capacity: 80 m2
Weight: 70 kg
Distance from flammable materials: 120/120/950 mm
Efficiency: 82,00 %
Small particles: 24 mg/m3
Connection element for fresh air supply: 100 Ø
Diameter of outlet flue pipe: 150 Ø
Log dimensions: 25 cm
Automatic cleaning of glass:
Fresh air supply:
Built-in Stoves:
Energy class: a-plus-certifikat
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When buying a stove, it is necessary to measure also the flue elements that depend on the parameters of the stove installation in your premises.
Flue pipe program