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Stove G3

Steel type:
  • Black steel
  • Grey steel
ENERGY CLASS:Energetski razred kamina
Are you looking for something unique and different? Then choose a Color stove with three viewing windows, such as the G3 model which has a front and two side viewing windows, and is perfect for open space area, as it allows you to view the fire from three corners of your home. 
Choose this model in black or grey-painted steel, with a glass or steel door, and enjoy watching the fire from all corners of your living space.

If you prefer the industrial style, you can leave the stove without any additional equipment such as a log door, so that the logs at the base of stove contribute to the visual impression. However, the log door is easily installed and removed, while being very practical, so they are good to have at hand if every now and then you would like to change the look of your stove or hide the wood logs.

This model has double glazed side viewing windows, which ensures better conservation of heat in the firebox but also reduces the distance at which the sides of the stove should be kept away from flammable materials. As do all our stoves, the G3 model also has a specially designed opening for fresh air intake, which makes it perfect for all types of houses and flats.
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  • Characteristics
  • Dimensions
Nominal heating power: 6,0 kW
Spatial heating capacity: 100 m2
Weight: 118 kg
Distance from flammable materials: 640/100/800 mm
Efficiency: 80,00 %
Small particles: 24 mg/m3
Connection element for fresh air supply: 100 Ø
Diameter of outlet flue pipe: 150 Ø
Log dimensions: 33 cm
Automatic cleaning of glass:
Fresh air supply:
Energy class: a-certifikat
  • Additional equipment:
    • log door
When buying a stove, it is necessary to measure also the flue elements that depend on the parameters of the stove installation in your premises.
Flue pipe program