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Stove D11

Steel type:
  • Black steel
  • Grey steel
  • Black ceramics
  • White ceramics
  • Red ceramics
  • Serpentine
  • Limestone
  • Black ceramics
  • White ceramics
  • Red ceramics
  • Serpentine
  • Limestone
ENERGY CLASS:Energetski razred kamina
The model has a simple and modern design, and can fit into every kind of interior. The basic model is made of steel, with black or grey-painted steel doors. 
The stove also comes in versions with various linings, stone or ceramics. Customers can choose from stone linings such as serpentino and limestone, and black, white and red ceramics.

The log door is additional equipment, and we recommend it to all who prefer a sleeker look with a simpler construction. They are very practical and allow for easier maintenance of the stove because they prevent wood chips and sawdust from spreading around the living space.

The D11 model has, as do all Color stoves, a special opening for fresh air inflow, which makes it perfect for modern and self-sustaining houses.
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  • Characteristics
  • Dimensions
Nominal heating power: 7,0 kW
Spatial heating capacity: 100 m2
Weight: 140 kg
Distance from flammable materials: 420/180/1150 mm
Efficiency: 80,00 %
Small particles: 22 mg/m3
Connection element for fresh air supply: 100 Ø
Diameter of outlet flue pipe: 150 Ø
Log dimensions: 33 cm
Automatic cleaning of glass:
Fresh air supply:
Energy class: a-plus-certifikat
  • Closing options:
    • closing in 2 points
    • closing in 2 points
  • Additional equipment:
    • log door
When buying a stove, it is necessary to measure also the flue elements that depend on the parameters of the stove installation in your premises.
Flue pipe program